Graphic Design

Sowing your best face ensures a positive impression to your audience.  For organizations, this is its logo, font, color pallet and graphic layout.  We work with customers to go beyond image facelifts.  We develop the foundation for visual communication which best transmits the goals and internal culture of your organization.  From this we design templates for your internal and outbound communication from letterhead and product flyers to logo animation and 3D rendering.

Related to this is our niche competency of event design. We have depth of knowledge when it comes to providing the touchstone of visual identification for your guests and audience.   A successful event is not just an exchange of ideas, it is also a community which identifies with the event itself. Branding is a tool to achieve this.  Make sure you harvest this potential.

Overview of Our Capabilities

  • Complete corporate image redesign and style guide creation
  • Development and creation of print and online design projects
  • Development of secondary brands and design for organizational events
  • Content creation / editorial reporting
  • Consultation in sustainable processes in design and communication.
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